The patented HailStrike software platform––and more.

The heart of the Dynamic Weather Solutions line is our respected and innovative off-the-shelf software solutions. Our HailStrike division acquires and stores every NOAA radar rotation, nearly 28 million per year, then processes them into the industry’s most acclaimed hail-detection software––along with an expanding family of companion products.

HailStrike was the first to release an animated heat map: the acclaimed AniSwath. It was first to break-out storm dynamics, direction, duration, speed, and time-over-point. It released OneSite, the first truly comprehensive, site-specific report. Its algorithms dig deeper into every radar pulse, looking beyond only size to eight related core attributes and beyond. HailStrike provides precisely rendered hail maps triangulating size with other factors like volume and more.

We believe in the Facts so much that we’ll share with you The Nature of Mother Nature, our collection of little-known hail-truths the other guys don’t want you to know. We provide it free of charge, because we love sharing all that we’ve learned about the ins-and-outs of weather, technology and the science of weather-data.


Weather-data is our science. Making it work for you is our passion.

As the holder of the industry’s only patented process, DWS never hides behind so-called “trade secrets” or vague representations about the science or processes used to achieve our data. Our technology is based upon peer-reviewed research developed to help the National Weather Service forecast offices better predict the occurrence of severe hail.

Not only do we insist on transparency in our processes and services, but we maintain a strict “data-only” policy. This means we never embellish, round-off or manually produce reports. We never base maps on anything other than hard scientific data.